US Woman Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend In Eyes For ‘Looking At Other Women’ – Reports

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend’s eye with needles intended for her dogs’ rabies shots after accusing him of “looking at other women”, according to reports.

According to US media reports, Sandra Jimenez, 44, from Miami, and her live-in boyfriend of eight years had been in an ongoing argument about the man’s wandering eye on Saturday when things escalated into violence, according to the police.

When the pair arrived at their home just before 10:00 pm, Jimenez allegedly seized her chance to teach her boyfriend a painful lesson.

When the unsuspecting man laid down on the couch, Jimenez “jumped on top of him with two rabies needles that were for their dogs” and jabbed them into his right eyelid, Miami police said in an arrest affidavit cited by Fox 35 Orlando.

The victim called the police and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he met with detectives.

Jimenez said she left the house after she “realised what she had done.”

The woman was arrested later that night when responding police officers found her sleeping in her car outside the house.

Without batting an eye, she allegedly claimed that her boyfriend’s ocular injury was somehow self-inflicted.

Jimenez was booked into the Miami-Dade County Jail on a charge of felony aggravated battery, but she has since bonded out and was ordered held under house arrest.

Jimenez is due back in court for her arraignment on December 26.