Tourism Connecting People and Communities –  A Message From The Minister Of Tourism, Hon. Lennox J. Andrews, For Tourism Awareness Month 

PR – Fellow Grenadians and Cherished Visitors, 

November is celebrated as tourism awareness month in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite  Martinique and this year the theme chosen is: “Tourism Connecting People and  Communities”. 

For the Ministry of Tourism, it is a time to reflect upon, highlight and recognise the  contribution of citizens and tour operators who continue to promote and sustain this  important industry. Most importantly, it is also a period to focus on the profound  connections forged between people and communities through the lens of tourism.  

As the Minister for Tourism, I am delighted to share this message of appreciation and  reflection on the significance of tourism as a unifying force that transcends borders,  contributes to our economic and socio-cultural development, and fosters a sense of  community, both locally and globally. 

In Grenada, our breathtaking landscapes and natural assets are the foundation of our  pride and identity. Our rich cultural tapestry and diversity are a testament to the  harmonious blend of different ethnicities that influence and define us as a people.  

Today, I recognise our cultural icons and ambassadors who promote and differentiate us  from the rest of the world. I also salute our service providers for ensuring that visitors  and returning nationals have a safe and fulfilling experience. 

I acknowledge the individuals and businesses whose dedication drives our tourism sector  forward. From the artisans crafting souvenirs to the entrepreneurs running local eateries, 

each contribution plays a major role in sustaining our communities and enhancing the  overall visitor experience. 

As we celebrate the connections forged by tourism, let us also reaffirm our commitment  to our God given patrimony by exercising environmental stewardship. Let us ground our  development with the concept of sustainability. Tourism Awareness Month is an  opportune time to raise awareness about responsible tourism practices, and emphasising  the importance of conserving our natural and manmade resources for future generations. 

Let us embrace the spirit of Tourism Awareness Month with enthusiasm and gratitude and recognise the industry as a bridge that connects us—Grenadians and visitors alike,  in a shared journey of discovery, appreciation, and celebration.