Visitor Remanded Then Released From Barbados Magistrate For Slapping Woman On Bottom An Englishman who spent a night on remand at HMP Dodds after pleading guilty to two criminal charges has been released.

When 44-year-old James Patrick O’Rouke, of Willehall, West Midlands, England reappeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant today he was reprimanded and discharged.

He pleaded guilty yesterday to unlawfully assaulting Charmaine Alleyne and resisting police constable Shaquille McClean in the execution of his duty on May 19.

According to the facts Alleyne was seated in the deli section of a service station located at Top Rock while O’Rouke was using the nearby ATM machine.

The two struck up a conversation and during that time the visitor reached over and placed $50 in her cleavage. She attempted to return it to him, but he refused and as he was leaving the establisment he slapped the woman on her buttocks

. The incident was reported to police who had arrived at the scene. The visitor resisted officer McClean as he was being placed under arrest.