Trinidad: St James Teen Killed For Bad Company

(TRINIDAD NEWSDAY) —  Despite repeated warnings from relatives to avoid associating with questionable characters, Obar Antoine, 18, stayed in contact with known criminals and may have been killed for these associations.

Antoine was shot and killed while walking to his grandfather’s house in Belle Vue, St James, on Sunday night.

Speaking with Newsday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, this morning, relatives said Antoine kept to himself and while he was not known to be involved in criminal activities, he associated with criminals.

One relative said, “He could be a little miserable, but he liked to laugh. For as long as I knew him I can’t ever recall seeing him with a gun or anything like that. He was still a child in a lot of ways because he just left school at Morvant/ Laventille Secondary School.

“He wanted to be an electrician and was going to go to Servol to do courses in that. In fact today (Monday) he was supposed to start a job as a painter to pay for those classes.

“Now look what come and happen.”

She said the community was split in half between warring gangs and suspected Antoine was killed for entering the territory of Belle Vue gangs to get to his grandfather’s house.

Antoine had worked with a relative’s contracting company earlier that day.

His father Nicholas Fredericks was shot and killed by a retired police officer at a bar in San Fernando in September.

Relatives said Antoine’s grandmother was trying to cope with the loss of her son and grandson mere months apart.