Trinidad: Security Guard Turns Lifeguard And Saves 2 A security officer on duty at Maracas beach turned lifeguard on Sunday morning, rescuing a man and his daughter.

Officer Keron Vargas removed his boots and ran into the water, braving high waves to get to the victims.

Within minutes, Vargas was able to pull the father and daughter to safety.

Lifeguards are on duty at the beach from 10am.

His colleague, Andell Rambaran, recorded the rescue on his cell phone camera.

The officers are employed at Armaria Security Company and were stationed at the Maracas Beach Facility.

Rambaran said, “Around 8.30a.m I was approach by a woman who indicated to me that her husband and daughter seem to be having while at sea. She pointed them out. I saw both of them and knowing there were no lifeguards on duty until 10a.m I quickly ran towards Keron Vargas.”

Rambaran said earlier that morning Vargas had told him he was training to be a lifeguard and was a professional swimmer.

Rambaran said his colleague immediately went into the water and brought the father and daughter back to where safely.

Vargas was commended by relatives and other beach goers for his bravery and heroism.