Trinidad: Mentally Ill Man Crushed Under Truck A MAN who the police described as mentally unstable was ran over and killed yesterday by a truck trailer.

As a result the road death toll stood at 84 up to last night while the figure around this time last year was 68.

Police said that around 7.30 a.m. along the Eastern Main Road near to the Barataria Health and Wellness Centre a truck driver hauling a trailer felt that he ran over something.

Police said when he climbed out the truck to investigate he found the body of a middle-aged man.

Barataria Police were called and the man was later identified as, Ken Ali aged 63 of Malick.

Police said the driver told them that while heading west he felt he ran over what he thought was a hump. He stopped anyway to investigate and found Ali.

Police said that Ali was an outpatient of the St Ann’s Hospital.

The driver was interviewed by Barataria police and then released pending further enquiry.