Trinidad: Baby’s Skull Fractured In Fight Between Two Women

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — An 18-month-old baby was struck on the head with a wooden plank during a fight with two women on Sunday.

The blow was meant for the grandmother of baby Nathaniel Gayle.

But the child was struck as she held him in her arms.

Baby Nathaniel sustained a fractured skull when he was hit on the forehead.

He is warded in serious but stable condition at hospital.

A 36-year-old woman was arrested on Tuesday and being investigated for the offence of assault.

The incident occurred at Enterprise, Chaguanas, where the child lives with his mother, Celine Hunter, 21, and grandmother, Alicia Orret-Telesford.

The suspect also lives in the community, police said.

On Sunday, the child, who was born in Jamaica, was left in the care of his grandmother, who is also Jamaican, while his mother was at work.

Residents told police that the child was with Orret-Telesford at Boodram Street where she and the suspect had an argument.

The two women fought.

Residents said that parted the women who had a long-standing feud.

Witnesses told police that Orret-Telesford picked up her grandson and walked away.

The suspect allegedly grabbed a length of two by four wood lying at the side of the road and swung it, at Orret-Telesford.

The child was hit on the forehead.

The grandmother stopped a taxi and took the child to the Chaguanas District Health Facility.

Police said the child was transferred by ambulance to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he is being monitored.

Police said there was no bleeding but the child’s head was swollen.

Cpl Phillips of Chaguanas CID and officers of Child Protection Unit are investigating.