Tourism Groups Offer Travel Protection To US Visitors To Caribbean

(LOOP NEWS CARIBBEAN) – American travellers to the Caribbean can breathe easier thanks to a new partnership between the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) and Trip Mate, offering travel protection if the unexpected happens with a visit booked at participating member hotels.

Trip Mate, one of the global leaders in administering protection to travelers and hotels, will now lock arms with CHTA so that member hotels can offer a comprehensive Travel Protection Plan for covered cancellations, interruptions, delays, baggage mishaps and medical situations that may arise during a guest’s trip.

Frank Comito, CEO and Director General of CHTA, noted that “people planning travel during these unprecedented times are concerned about the unpredictable, but their worries may be eased with coverage under our CHTA Member Exclusive Travel Protection Plan.”

He said the plan helps to protect guests as well as the health of hotel revenues, and comes at a time when more travellers are looking for added assurances to protect themselves before they take to the skies.

CHTA’s Travel Protection Plan covers a guest’s hotel booking (non-refundable expenses paid for the portion of a hotel booking that goes unused) and additional transportation expenses if a guest needs to interrupt his or her trip due to a covered reason, which includes sickness. As with medical expense coverage, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)-related illnesses are included.

The Travel Protection Plan is available to members of both CHTA as well as national and local hotel associations. Properties that are not CHTA members can also take advantage of the offer for a limited time. The plan is applicable only to US citizens or residents.

Comito emphasised that hotels which are not currently offering opt-in traveler insurance to further support their cancellation policies are missing an opportunity to generate more business, as consumers are increasingly looking for added assurances.

A recent survey by Oracle and Skift reveals that with so much uncertainty ahead, consumers are also demanding flexible cancellation and refund policies, which travel insurance helps to address.

The tourism chief also noted that due to the pandemic, “a growing number of countries throughout the world, including several in the Caribbean, now require travel protection to enter their country.”

He said the plan provides both guests and hosts “a way to protect your investment when it comes to travel planning.”

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