Seconds From takeoff, Ground Crew Stops Plane With Engine Problem At Piarco -An Airport Authority’s employee spotted a potential problem with an American Airlines passenger aircraft moments before it took off from the Piarco International Airport today.

The Apron Control Officer was able to stop the Boeing 737-800 (twin engine) jetliner.

The Airports Authority confirmed the incident in a statement today.

It said that while taxiing, the employee “noticed an issue with the aircraft” and notified air traffic control.

The “issue” with the plane was not specified, but the Express was told that there appeared to be a problem with one of the engines.

“The Authority’s usual emergency protocols were immediately activated. The Trinidad and Tobago Fire service quickly responded and the aircraft was able to return safely to the gate..” said the Airports Authority.

he incident occurred at 5:45am and involved flight AA2282 which was about to depart for Miami.

There were no reports of injuries and the incident is being investigated.

Flight operations at Piarco International Airport continued as normal.

Flight AA2282 eventually left three hours and 37 minutes later.