Petition Demanding A Review Of CXC July 2020 Results Started

(LOOP NEWS CARIBBEAN) – Close to 1,000 people signed a petition on in less than four hours to demand that CXC review the July 2020 Examination results.

With the original target of 1,000 signatures being met by 11pm, the petition now has a revised goal of 1,500.

The July 2020 results were released yesterday as promised, but a staggered approach was announced at the last minute.

Results were due at 5pm but at minutes before 5pm only the CCSLC and CAPE results were released and at 8pm the results for CSEC were disclosed.

From the moment the CAPE results were out the comments on social media started rolling in. On Facebook, CXC’s last post to update candidates about the release of the 2020 exam results, in six hours amassed 932 shares, 621 comments and 625 emotional responses. It was posted around 4:37pm.

The petition stated:


This is a petition created to DEMAND a COMPLETE and THOROUGH review of the 2020 CXC examination results.

By signing this petition you are requesting a THOROUGH review of ALL examination papers submitted for grading following the sitting of the the 2020 CAPE and CSEC examinations, and are alleging that there has been a mistake of the behalf of the Caribbean Examinations Council in regards to graded results distributed to candidates via the Online Student Portals and request IMMEDIATE reconsideration and review of ALL the results.

The target was 1,000 signatures. In just over two hours, three-quarters of the target had been met, and three hours after its creation 950 people had signed. The petition was started by Kim Harper and directed to the Caribbean Examination Council and the CARICOM Secretariat.

In the comments some candidates wrote their reasons for signing the digital petition, and many were perplexed and confused about their results having studied hard, practised past papers and even went into the exam, particularly the CAPE exams with high course marks and great School-Based Assessment (SBA) grades.

Someone wrote: “im [sic] signing this because the grades I got didnt match the effort I put in.”

And this sentiment was echoed by many who insisted that there must be an error with the results. Many called for “justice”.

One person wrote:

“I got full marks in all my Sbas and I did past papers the day before the environmental science exam.
Many of the questions came back so I know they were correct
However I got a grade 6”

The most liked comment stated: “As a huge regional educational institution I find it very irresponsible that you have caused this upon all of these students who have worked hard countless hours studying and doing many past papers over and over again. Please fix this immediately and we will be willing to work with you.”