Jamaica: Pregnant Woman Jumps From Two-Storey Building After Gunmen Invade Party

(JAMAICA STAR) – At four months pregnant, Marie* was out partying with friends in Bayshore, Harbour View, on November 23 when the unimaginable happened. Gunmen, masked as police officers and soldiers, invaded the party and began spraying bullets.

Fearing for her life, and ignoring the fact that she is pregnant, Marie jumped from the roof of the two-storey building where the party was being held. Many persons thought she lost the baby after they saw fluid flowing down her legs.

“All did deh pan mi brain ah run. When mi see my sister jump over the wall first, mi follow her. Mi jump far, far far,” the 21-year-old, who is pregnant with her second child, told THE WEEKEND STAR .

Marie said that she landed on her back after taking the plunge. She had to be admitted in the hospital for roughly one week because her amniotic sac, that contains and protects a foetus in the womb, got ruptured, but she said everything is back on track now.

“When you frighten, it nuh matter distance or height, you just wah get out of that. Nothing nah happen to the baby if mi nah think bout it. Mi did ah think bout miself and when mi do that, mi ah think bout someweh fi hide and be safe. After that happen, mi start think bout baby,” she said in an exclusive interview with THE WEEKEND STAR.

The deadly Bayshore shooting left two persons dead. They have been identified as 40-year-old Nester Keith and 25-year-old Ricardo Grant. Six other persons received gunshot wounds. Marie said that once the gunmen entered the party, she was determined to get out alive.

“When you dead, you nah get back a next you. Mi mada caa mek back a next me. If mi did ah think bout the baby, mi would ah freeze and nuh wah move. When mi see seh mi have two foot, two hand and mi head, mi start think bout mi baby,” Marie said.

The expectant mother said that she felt the baby moving in her womb after the fall and so she was not in the least bit worried. She said that her partying days are done until her baby, who is due next year, is born.

“When mi baby born and all right me go back ah dance. Mi nah risk it. Mi family ah seh ah the best thing mi do because dem would ah mad if mi get shot. A prenatal check up yah now, everything all right,” she said.

*Name changed to protect the identity of the subject.