Jamaica: Man Beats Woman For Hickey On Her Neck, After Planning To Buy Her A Car

JAMAICA STAR- A woman whose babyfather bought a Toyota Prado with the intention of transferring the title in her name may have lost the opportunity to own the high-end vehicle after he allegedly observed a hickey on her neck.

The pair were travelling to the Tax Administration of Jamaica Office in Kingston to effect the transfer when the man, Herman Moncrieffe, saw the love mark.

He allegedly gave the woman a thrashing after the stunning discovery.

Moncrieffe appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday to answer to charges of assault.

It was further alleged that after that incident, Moncrieffe saw a man driving the vehicle, with his child’s mother inside it, and drove it down. He reportedly caught up with the vehicle when it stopped at a traffic light in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, and proceeded to smash the glass.

His attorney, Stephen Shaw, told a different side of the story.

“My client was working when he saw a stranger driving the vehicle and followed it,” Shaw told the court.

He said his client only smashed the window to his own vehicle because the doors were locked.

“The car was bought to transport their son,” Shaw said.

Both parties were sent to mediation by Senior Parish Judge Vaughn Smith.