Zone 4 Bus Association Statement

PR- In response to the confirmed case of Covid-19 and in keeping with government’s protocol on social distancing the Zone 4 Bus Association has decided to suspend its operations with effect from Thursday, March 26th 2020.

Social distancing requires spacing of at least 6 feet apart, this therefore means that we should not carry more than 6 passengers at any one time. Additionally, we are also required to sanitize our buses at regular intervals. These two (2) factors will definitely impact our income.

Government has not indicated how, or if any assistance will be granted to ease the financial impact of Covid-19 and we continue to wait on an update.

Out of an abundance of caution for our passengers and to ensure that this dreaded virus is contained we believe it is Grenada’s best interest that our services are suspended for the time being until otherwise advised.

One case is too many…Let’s keep one, one

On behalf
Zone 4 Bus Association