Yacht Docked In Grenada After Being Shot At By Pirates

Trinidad – President of the Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT) Tommy Johnson, has reported an attack on a yacht by eight Venezuelan nationals.


Johnson, posting to the YSATT’s Facebook page, said that around 10.30 am Sunday, Sylph, a 55-foot Beneteau sailboat, was positioned about 15 nautical miles north-east of the Hibiscus oil platform, when it was approached by a group of eight Venezuelans in an attempted piracy attack.


Johnson said the yacht refused to stop, and in heavy seas and high wind, took an evasive zig-zag course preventing the Venezuelans from boarding.


The statement said that due to the fact that they were unable to board, the Venezuelans abandoned their plans and left but not before firing several shots at the sailboat.


He said that no one on board was injured but that the boat suffered several bullet holes.


Sylph is now in Port Louis, Grenada, meeting with the Coast Guard and officials.


Johnson said that the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is in contact with the Grenada Coast Guard and will be meeting with YSATT tomorrow.


He is advising all sailboats to file a float plan with the Coast Guard and to call the North Post Radio Station once traveling in or out of Trinidad.


Johnson is also advising yachties to travel in convoys. (looptt.com)