Statement Of Enforcement Of Covid-19 Regulations

PR – The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is concerned with what appears to be a national panic emanating from the apparent indiscriminate charging of people for breaches of the COVID-19 Regulations.

During this period of renewed awareness of the local impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as we welcome visitors and returning nationals, we believe that it would be prudent and in the best interest of all residents and visitors alike, to receive a briefing on the current applicable COVID-19 regulations, and to have a public education and awareness campaign.

This is especially so as there is a new positive case for the first time in months, and there have also been newly passed regulations which govern our conduct and health and safety protocols.

We have observed with concern, what appears to be general confusion and frustration of the public as to what laws are currently in place, and which may be enforced.

Accordingly, the steadfast and continued education, reassurance and guidance of the people and visitors of Grenada are required, in order to ensure adherence to the potentially life saving protocols that will keep us all safe during this global time of uncertainty.

The NDC is of the opinion that there is urgent need to allay the fears and concerns of the people and to use education rather than force to achieve the objectives of compliance with the laws and regulations, in the interest of us all.

Additionally, we recommend that the testing protocol for people arriving at our ports and airport be revisited and consideration given to immediate testing at the port of entry, employing larger teams, to minimize delays and inconvenience.

The NDC calls on the Minister of Health and the Commissioner of Police to do whatever is necessary to return the nation to calm and confidence, knowing that by adhering to the relevant protocols, we can function in this new normal environment for a safe and prosperous nation.