Statement Of Apology By Oswald Gilbert

I, Oswald Gilbert, wish to take this opportunity to publicly and unreservedly apologize for my behaviour on Wednesday, March 7th, at Mt Rush, St George’s. Whatever the circumstance or provocation that evoked my reaction, it was unbecoming of me, as a person, and as a professed and devout Christian. I should not have reacted in that way, and for this I am sorry.

I understand how my reaction might be viewed as aggressive, and I wish to make it abundantly clear that this was never my intention, as I hope those of you who know me will believe.

I have already called and apologized to Ms Callistra Farrier for my actions and I now do so publicly as well.

I encourage all of us to have a clean campaign and to ensure that our emotions remain in check as we all work together for the good of this country.

God bless you all.

Oswald Gilbert