Statement From The Ministry Of Tourism And Civil Aviation About Returning Cruise Calls To Grenada

PR –  The Grenada  Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism are in negotiations with Seabourn and Sea  Dream Yacht Club about resuming cruise calls to Grenada. 

These discussions are aimed at creating income-generating activities for many  Grenadians who are affected by the suspension of cruise ship calls to the island. A Task  Force comprising key stakeholders in the cruise industry is looking at modalities for  restarting the Industry and holding discussions with the Cruise lines. 

As part of the discussions, requests have been made to secure access to uncrowded  beaches to minimise personal contact between locals and visitors, thus reducing any  possible transmission of disease. In this pandemic period, the first and foremost priority  of the Government is to keep the shores of the Tri-Island state safe and to ensure  responsible, diverse economic recovery. 

Since the pandemic became full blown, thousands of Grenadians involved in the tourism  industry have lost their jobs, so the Government is working cautiously to restore their jobs  while preserving the health of the nation. 

Sea Dream Yacht Club is proposing to work with Barbados, Grenada and St. Vincent and  the Grenadines. It will operate from Barbados, and only persons with negative tests will  be allowed to board. 

Seabourn meanwhile, will operate from Barbados, and only persons who produce  negative COVID -19 tests will be allowed into that country. They will then be tested in Barbados before boarding the ship, and will be strictly monitored while on board. This  ship will cruise once every fourteen days. 

Five other islands are involved in this Southern cruise. They are Barbados, St. Lucia, St.  Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, and St. Kitts/Nevis. 

The Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation thanks the general public for their feedback  and suggestions, and urges patience and solidarity as we work together to emerge from  this latest crisis.