SMC Says GLENELG Is Still The Water For Spicemas


The Sponsorship agreement between the Spicemas Corporation and Glenelg was not impeached or overturned by the Court when the application filed by McQueen Enterprises (trading as Mount Pure) against the Spicemas Corporation, came on for hearing, on 23rd July,2019.

The agreement remains in place and Glenelg is still the official sponsor for water for Spice Mas 2019. The Court has not given Mc Queen Enterprises trading as Mount Pure, express permission to sell water products at carnival events for Spice Mas 2019.

There was no determination made as to whether the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act applied or not, as the court held that this was arguable and is to be ventilated at a full trial of the matter. Permission was granted to Mc Queen Enterprises (trading as Mount Pure) to file Judicial Review proceedings within 14 days.

Spicemas Corporation wishes to advise that all vendors who have been issued a vendor’s licence that the vending licencing process is now closed. The corporation does not anticipate that there will be any further issues in relation to the contents of the vending licences.