Saharan Dust Blankets Grenada & Trinidad and Tobago

The highest concentrations of Saharan Dust for 2019 is currently over Grenada as well as Trinidad and Tobago. Hazy skies and low visibility have been reported since early this morning across the Southern Windwards, reminiscent of fog.

This Saharan Dust event was forecast since Tuesday and subsequent forecasts over the week showed that the event was shaping up to be one of the most severe dust events for 2019 to date.

According to news out of Trinidad and Tobago, for the first time for 2019, air quality levels are currently reduced to unhealthy levels solely because of Saharan Dust concentrations. Throughout the year, Saharan Dust concentrations have generally been reduced to unhealthy for sensitive groups, with the possibility of being reduced to unhealthy levels due to bushfires.

Peak concentrations are forecast today, Sunday. Models continue to indicate that moderate concentrations of Saharan Dust will remain in the atmosphere through the first half of next week. Concentrations will decrease as the week progresses.