Roadside Vending ‘A Distraction’

A vendor selling fruit while walking between moving traffic. This is one of the activities Junior Jordan said he was concerned about. (Picture by Lennox Devonish.)

Nation Barbados – A long time driving safety consultant is supporting Government’s measure to remove cars for sale from the roads but he wants the road clearance to go further.

Consultant driver trainer Junior Jordan, who has 40 years’ experience, said it was also time to address roadside vendors.

“I’m in 100 per cent agreement to remove cars from the roads because placing them at junctions and roundabouts causes blind spots and a distraction from driving if people are looking for bargains. We already have the challenge of people speeding through roundabouts.

“However, the bigger problem is more and more people are selling on the road way – things like melons, crabs and eggs and, of course, coconuts. I support the move by Government to reduce the danger. And more important, create discipline and while I have no difficulty with vendors making a living, my concern is the danger. So, if we can create a safer place for them to sell, then fine, but an emergency verge is an emergency verge,” he said. (CA)