Oil Spill Committee Meets On Potential Threat

PR – Sen. Dr. the Hon. Winston Garraway convened an emergency meeting on Wednesday morning with the Oil Spill Committee of the National Emergency Advisory Council (NEAC) to discuss the country’s preparedness to the possible threat of oil pollution from the FSO Nabarima located approximately 112 nautical miles from Grenada in the Gulf of Paria.

Wednesday’s meeting was guided by the expert presentation of Mr. Lazarus Joseph experienced and knowledgeable staff of the Grenada Ports Authority, analyzing the threat and the potential of it affecting Grenada.

Preliminary data analysis indicate that there is currently no risk but if conditions change, the state is prepared to mount an efficient response.

Grenada is  prepared to deal with a pollution incident arising from the Nabarima guided by the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan and a Standard Operating Procedure for Oil Spill Response.

These documents provide the policy framework and operational procedures for responding to oil pollution emanating from maritime transport.

The Nabarima is a 2005 built very large floating storage and offloading unit (FSO), moored in the Coroccoro oil field in Venezuelan waters in the Gulf of Paria (GOP).

Stakeholders at the Grenada Ports Authority will continue to monitor the events associated with that potential threat and NaDMA will update the public in a timely manner.