Mount Cinnamon Transfer of Ownership from Peter de Savary to Barry Collymore

Barry Collymore, a long-term business colleague of Peter de Savary, has acquired total ownership of the Mount Cinnamon resort in Grenada and will continue to build on the great success of this prestigious resort. Mount Cinnamon will continue to contribute to the local economy and the tourism industry while serving the many long term international clients and visitors from the global marketplace.

Peter de Savary has, for reasons of age and health decided to reduce his business commitments and is delighted that his friend and colleague has now become the new owner of Mount Cinnamon which will enable the continuity of Mount Cinnamon’s successes. Peter de Savary has expressed his great appreciation for the support he has received from the government of Grenada, the people of Grenada and particularly all the wonderful staff at the resort; He will continue to enjoy his relationship with Grenada as a holiday-maker, a friend and an advisor.

Barry Collymore has been a director of the Mount Cinnamon resort since it was established by Peter de Savary and brings an intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry, hotel operations and the ambitions of Grenada as a flourishing high quality tourism economy.

Collymore, has lauded Peter de Savary for his pioneering business ventures in Grenada. His expertise and vision have left an enduring and empowering legacy on the tri-island state and have contributed to Grenada’s successful positioning as an international yachting destination and an ideal place for couples and family vacations.

Peter de Savary and Barry Collymore are both delighted at this satisfactory transfer of ownership.