Ministry Of Infrastructure Development And Implementation Provides Update On Moliniere Slippage

PR – The Government of Grenada has awarded a  contract valued at EC $5.1 million, to Caribbean Civil Group Limited to undertake a  geotechnical study at Moliniere.  

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Implementation recently concluded  extensive negotiations with Caribbean Civil Group Limited, to undertake the  Geotechnical Investigation and Detailed Designs for the Moliniere Slippage and the  Western Main Road Corridor.  

The contract provides four months for the completion of the geotechnical study and  the design work. Cadastral and topographic surveys will commence along the entire  corridor, on October 1st, 2020, once good weather permits.  

Government’s engineers continue the weekly monitoring of the road slippage and  document the extent to which the damage is still occurring. The statistics will be  provided as part of the baseline data to the geotechnical firm.  

In keeping with the terms of the contract, Caribbean Civil Group Limited will use  specialised equipment to undertake non-destructive testing to determine the geology  of the area. The data generated from the sub-surface investigation will then be analysed  by national and regional materials laboratories. 

Following this process, the firm will present the findings of its investigation. This will  determine where the road will be reconstructed. 

Residents of the affected area and the general public will be invited to stakeholder  consultations during the entire process. The environmental and social impact  assessment and management plans will also be prepared along with the detailed

designs and other documents prior to construction. All of these activities are expected  to take place during the four-month period stipulated for the detailed designs.  

The ministry anticipates the cooperation of residents. The general public is asked to refrain from vehicular traffic in the Moliniere area. 

The Ministry will ensure that bi-weekly updates are provided once the firm begins its  work.