Ministry Of Health Concerned About Circulation Of Misleading Social Media Audio Message

PR – The Ministry of Health is concerned about the dissemination of an audio message as well as misleading postings on social media, which  are resulting in unease and unnecessary panic among some sections of the population. 

The Ministry notes that the audio message which is being forwarded repeatedly on  messaging service WhatsApp, and postings on other platforms, claim and/or imply that it has authorised the immediate closure of learning institutions on the Western side of the  island, as a result of a suspected or possible Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak. 

In light of this, the Ministry wishes to clear the air and categorically states that those claims  are ENTIRELY FALSE. 

The Ministry of Health reassures the public and all concerned that at NO TIME during the  past 24-48 hours did it order, recommend or advise the Ministry of Education, to close  any school or learning institution, whether public or private. 

The public is therefore reminded of the importance of relying on reports from credible and  trusted sources including the Ministry of Health and the Government of Grenada (COVID 19) websites;,, the Government Information Service,  (PAHO) and (CARPHA). 

The public is also reminded that it is extremely necessary to adhere to the established  (COVID-19) health and safety protocols and guidelines such as the proper wearing of  face masks and face coverings, maintaining physical distancing and frequent hand  washing with soap and water, or use of an alcohol based hand sanitizer for cleaning  hands, and cleaning of frequently touched objects and surfaces.  

The Ministry of Health wishes to thank those who have called to express concerns about  such irresponsible behaviour and call on all civic minded persons to condemn such  actions.