Message By Prime Minister, Dr. The Right Honourable Keith Mitchell On Sod-Turning Ceremony At Bishop’s College 

PR – Minister of Education and Minister for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, principal,  teachers and staff at Bishop’s College, Ministry of Education staff, students, parents, well wishers, good morning to all. 

Today’s sod-turning ceremony bears testimony to Government’s commitment to ensuring  that our students are provided with an appropriate environment that is conducive to  learning. Young people are recognised globally as the leaders of tomorrow and therefore,  we must ensure that they are provided with an opportunity to learn and grow in an  environment that will appropriately nurture them to become the leaders we want them to  be. 

This project also demonstrates Government’s commitment to ensuring that development  is inclusive and no area or island is left behind. Under the Grenada Education  Enhancement Project, Phase 1, which is funded through a loan from the Caribbean  Development Bank, several other schools across the country will be rehabilitated and  upgraded. It is a well-known fact that schools and other public buildings require ongoing  maintenance and sizeable allocations are usually made in the annual budget, in addition  to securing grant and loan funds for improvements to school infrastructure.  

To the principal, teachers, students and parents, the inconveniences you may experience  over the next 18 months during the implementation of this project, will pale in comparison  to the potential benefits to be derived from it. Therefore, I encourage you to endure the  less than optimum conditions that may exist during the construction and rehabilitation  process. I draw your attention to the inclusion of labs to facilitate skills training  development and encourage you to envision the time when the students graduating from  Bishops College are more skilled in woodworking, technical drawing and other areas.  

My friends, projects such as these, are important not only to the sector that benefits but  also to the persons for whom employment is created. As countries all over the world  continue to battle with the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the employment  generated by projects become even more important. In the midst of growing  unemployment in various sectors, the jobs created by these projects, provide a beacon 

of hope for persons who may have been otherwise unemployed. Therefore, as part of our  strategy to help revitalise the local economy and create employment, Government is  refocussing its commitment to the implementation of capital projects. 

I’m sure you would agree that many things in life are interrelated – with jobs being created,  parents are better able to provide for the needs of their children who may very well be  students of this school. As we improve school infrastructure, our students are provided  with better learning environments which hopefully enhances their chance at success.  Improving the physical infrastructure can also help to motivate educators and stimulate  improved teaching methods. As we facilitate better-educated students, we create an  opportunity to enhance the characteristics and skills of tomorrow’s leaders.  

It is indeed a cycle and Government is committed to doing its part to ensure that positivity  and further growth and development are critical outcomes, at the end of the day. I  therefore look forward to the timely completion of this project and the benefits it will  undoubtedly bring to everyone. 

I thank you.