Lawyers Plan To Protest, GOV Says It Is Continuing Work To Address Matters Affecting The Legal Fraternity

January 4, 2019 – The Grenada Government is continuing to work assiduously to address the housing of civil and criminal courts and other matters affecting the legal fraternity.

Government was made aware Friday of plans by the Grenada Bar Association to protest the state of affairs with the local courts and to call on Government to come up with an urgent plan to comprehensively address the issues.

Minister for Legal Affairs, Honourable Kindra Mathurine-Stewart has indicated that “Government has had discussions with the Grenada Bar Association and is taking all steps to find solutions to the existing problems.”

Minister Mathurine-Stewart elaborated further saying, “Efforts are being made to secure a building to house the courts while Government pursues a long-term solution to accommodation issues. We hope to conclude negotiations on the acquisition of a building in the next few weeks.”

Minister Mathurine-Stewart has also indicated that an attempt is being made to address problems at the Registry, which has been the centre of several complaints. “We have actually employed someone within the Registry who can assist with resolving some of the problems we now face. We expect to see a reduction in complaints over time as we continue to make improvements in the service provided.”

Another solution being pursued by Government is the creation of a mechanism that will facilitate constant engagement with the legal fraternity on relevant matters to minimise any future dissatisfaction with the operation of the legal system.

Minister Mathurine-Stewart said, “Government recognises the urgency of the situation in which we find ourselves but rest assured, we are doing all in our power to find solutions. Our courts represent a critical pillar of our society and economy and we are committed to supporting the full functionality of the legal system.”