Labour Commissioner Makes Another Attempt At Conciliation

The Labour Commissioner is making a third attempt to conciliate in the dispute between the Government’s Negotiating Team and the joint union negotiating team, comprising representatives from the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers Union and the Public Workers Union. 

With the unions’ failure to show up for two rounds of pre-conciliation and conciliation talks, the Labour Commissioner has issued a third invitation for the unions to attend conciliation on Monday, October 28. The GNT accepted its initial invitation and has already attended pre- conciliation talks with the Labour Commissioner. 

Each passing day increases the urgency of resolution as the GNT has given October 31 as the deadline for the submission of expenses to be included in the 2020 budget. 

In a letter to the unions dated October 23, the Labour Commissioner expressed disappointment with their failure to attend previously scheduled conciliation meetings, and he encouraged them to consider the disadvantage this can cause for the public officers they represent. 

The letter from the Labour Commissioner also noted that to date, the unions have not presented the facts on which their demands are based, and reinforced the significance of the disparity between Government’s offer and unions’ demand which makes conciliation necessary. 

The next pre-conciliation meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 28 at 9:00 a.m., with the conciliation meeting involving the other disputing party (GNT) and the Labour Commissioner, scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on the same day. 

The Labour Code and Collective Labour Agreements between the disputing parties, contain provisions for the Labour Commissioner to conciliate in industrial disputes. 

The GNT has expressed its willingness to increase its offer to reach a settlement.