Kawana Bay Resort On Concrete Supplier Environment Damage

PR – We, as owner and developer of the Kawana Bay Resort, strongly condemn the practice of the concrete supplier, who, when completing their pour, either at Kawana Bay or other sites at BBC beach, washed their trucks next to the cliff at the Kawana Bay site, resulting in the cliff being stained with concrete.

We were made aware of this practice more than a year ago, and immediately ordered the supplier to stop doing this. We instantly requested that they clean the cliff to correct the damage. To ensure that this was not a continued practice, we also erected barriers to stop the suppliers from any further dumping.

Furthermore, we dedicated a specific location off-site, where these drivers could wash their trucks, without causing any damage to the environment, and to avoid a repeat of the situation.

As a result of our swift action, the supplier ceased this environmentally hazardous practice over a year ago; however, we are yet to see any resolution to the cleaning of the cliff from the supplier, although we (as the Owner) and Creative Design (as the Contractor) have made repeated requests to the supplier to do so as a matter of urgency.

We have been assured that this matter is just as vexing to the contractor, as it is to Kawana Bay and the general public. We continue to do everything we can to resolve this matter with the supplier, in the shortest possible time.

Kawana Bay Resort is committed to implementing environmental best practices in all aspects of its development, and we expect and urge all our partners to do the same, in the best interest of the State of Grenada and all of us, citizens.

Kawana Bay Resort