Joint Statement From Grenada’s Funeral Directors And Religious Leaders

PR- In the light of the potential public health crisis which confronts our country, and following the public address made by our Prime Minister imploring the nation to do all in our power – individually and collectively – to forestall and minimise, where applicable, the spread of the Corona virus, representatives of the three funeral homes in Grenada (La Qua, Otway and Wayne) and the religious community, including members of The Alliance of Evangelical Churches, The Conference of Churches in Grenada, the Grenada Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, and The Grenada Islamic Foundation, met to determine the way forward with regards to funerals.

The following decision was taken:

Effective Wednesday 18 March 2020, all funerals will be private, whether held in a church or mosque or at the graveside. Funeral services, whether held in the morning or afternoon, will not be longer than half an hour in duration, and there will be no procession. The funeral directors will be responsible for determining with the families what is to happen before the body of the deceased is brought to the

church. At all times during the service and interment of the body, a physical distance of no less than 6 ft is to be maintained.

The above decision was taken as a preventative measure; however, should there be an outbreak in the country, the directives from the Government of Grenada will supersede the foregoing.