Jason Skeete Resigns As President Of The Grenada Steel Bands Association

Jason Skeete has resigned as president of the Grenada Steel Bands Association. The announcement was made through a letter sent to the media on Tuesday. See letter below.


“After careful recollection of all the events which have occurred.

I have reflected on the past 15 months of the Grenada Steel Bands Association, during my tenure as President.


It is evident to me that some of the larger and more established bands continue to see the need to stifle the growth and development of the smaller bands and the art form in general.

They have collectively gone to some of the most erroneous, despicable, and unprofessional lows to ensure that financial accountability, and stability within the organization does not materialize.


I have accidentally uncovered some stuff, many of which were passed to the Head of the FIU, and other law enforcement arms. I have also seen, members attempting to form a separate group unknown to the Executive, and these four bands making two unsuccessful, unconstitutional attempts to remove the current Executive.


In the midst of all this, I personally have been bearing the financial burden of running the organization, something I can no longer do.


I have placed my shoulders to the wheel, and with the commitment, I gave at the start, was able to lead the organization into the largest Panorama in over two decades.


I sincerely hope that those contributing to the infighting will be able to do better and to continue along the same path of Financial Accountability, Growth, Development, and Professionalism.


I sincerely hope that those who will contest and win executive positions will continue to work for Pan and not self.


I will not be part of an organization that attacks my Faith and the God I serve and his son Jesus Christ, nor will I sit and allow disrespect towards my wife, and children. Neither will I lead an organization where members have no respect for the constitution that governs it.


In the wake of total disrespect, and dishonest dealing from some prominent pan people and senior Government Officials, I have decided to step down as President effective immediately.


I wish everyone God’s Blessings in their future plans.”