Hurricane / Storm Watch Response – Farmers With Irrigation Systems

PR – The Ministry of Agriculture wishes to advise farmers who operate irrigation systems, that when a Storm watch or Hurricane warning is issued, the following preventative measures must be taken before the storm arrives: 

  • Remove all irrigation lines that are not buried, including drip lines and sprinklers, and store in a safe place to prevent water from carrying them away or wind blowing them away. 
  • Remove suction hose from river and store in a safe place. 
  • Secure pump units away from riverbanks, and place in a secure location where they cannot be flooded or carried away from the pump house. 
  • Remove all fuel, oils, chemicals, and other supplies stored in pump houses and secure in a safe place. 
  • If a dam was built in the river course using sandbags, stones, or other material, remove them so that the water in the river can flow freely. 
  • Clear all drains and remove debris from water course. 

During the passage of a storm or hurricane, farmers should not attempt to go and “rescue” their equipment. Please protect your family, animals, and your lives, by taking appropriate action. Ministry of Agriculture…ensuring food and nutrition security for all.