GTAWU And NLA Reach Settlement

A settlement was reached between the Grenada Technical and Allied WorkersUnion and the National Lotteries Authority regarding salary increases for workers covered by the Union for the period 2017 2019

The workers would receive a 3.75% increase for 2017; 3.5% increase for 2018 and 3.25% increase for 2019; giving a total increase of 10.5% for (3) year period. The Union was also able to secure additional salary adjustments for three (3) workers and the confirmation of a worker who acted in a vacant position for approximately two and a half years

These achievements were due to the militancy of TAWU and the workers who had to resort to industrial actions to realise these benefits

The Grenada Technical and Allied WorkersUnion expresses its thanks to the many workers and members of the general public for their expressions of solidarity during the struggle. The Union would also like to say thanks to the Ministry of Labour for its role in facilitating a path towards an agreement

TAWU now looks forward to the implementation of what was agreed and working harmoniously with the Management of National Lotteries Authority in the pursuit of realising its mandate to Sports, Culture and Nation building