Grenlec Assures Customers Of Continued Reliability Following Major Engine Failure 

PR –  Grenlec is informing customers about the loss of one of its large engines at the Queen’s Park Power Plant on 1 October. The incident resulted in severe damage to the engine.

While there were no injuries and there is no threat of outages as a result of the failure, our Company is issuing this notice as part of its promise to keep customers informed about major developments in our business.

Grenlec’s remaining engines are fully functional, providing generation capacity that exceeds maximum customer demand.

Even as Grenlec awaits external engineering assessments into the root cause of the failure, it is clear that the engine is not repairable.

Consequently, the Company has made arrangements for temporary rental units to boost its spare capacity. We expect these units to arrive on island by early November.

Grenlec is assuring customers of its continued commitment to maintain the level of service on which customers rely.