Grenada’s COVID19 Public Health Threat Level Raised To High

PR – The Ministry of Health today announced that it has raised its public health threat alert level to HIGH.

“ORANGE (High) level means VERY HIGH POSSIBILITY / EXPECTED and the condition applies when a credible threat of increased infectious diseases transmission (of an unusual virus activity/spread/outbreak, etc.) exists of disruptive public health activity/activities with a direct and specific threat against the health sector/country and its dependencies…..

The decision was taken in accordance with the Ministry’s Infectious Diseases Public Health Threat Level Response Protocols, at the daily (COVID19) Briefings, with the Health Minister the Hon. Nickolas Steele and his team, managing the current threat of the Coronavirus.

In taking the decision the MOH considered the Caribbean Public Health Agency’s (CARPHA) situation report #15, which concluded that the risk for the Caribbean is now (Moderate to High).

Grenadian health authorities, keeping a very close eye on outbreak of (COVID19) indicated that they are also tracking travelers from Japan, South Korea, Iran, Singapore, and Italy, which have seen steady increases in the number of confirmed (COVID19) cases.

The MOH said it is presently monitoring the situation in the rest of Europe, the United States, North and South America, and any other region where community transmission has been established.

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Francis Martin told the GIS that at this time all options are being considered and the system is in full response mode.

The Ministry, acting on sound advice from its local, regional and international public health experts, reminds the Grenadian public that its Importation Transmission Watch (ITW), remains in full effect for the entire tri-island.