Grenada Cultural Foundation Condolences To The family Of Irva Baptiste-Blackette 

PR –  It is with sadness we hear of the passing of Mrs. Irva Baptiste- Blackette. Mrs. Baptiste-Blackette has made a great contribution to our country, which remains an unwavering reminder of our pride and honour to be Grenadian. She is the writer of Grenada’s National Anthem. 

Irva Baptiste – Blackette is known as an educator who has taught many of our outstanding citizens over her career. As a schoolteacher, she impacted the lives of thousands of our citizens who are forever grateful for her contribution toward their foundation in Education. She has been considered as one of the best primary school teachers of her times. She was also a music teacher. 

Mrs. Baptiste- Blackette took part in the Independence Anthem song writing competition and was the most outstanding contributor with her composition. “Hail Grenada land of ours we pledge ourselves to thee” As she walked through Morne Jaloux she was enthused by the beauty that surrounded her that stimulated her to write those words. The words of the anthem were carefully chosen to reflect the Grenadian people, their consciousness to God, the strength of a united nation advancing as one family with pride of heritage. This and more she expressed within the National Anthem. 

Mrs. Baptiste- Blackette received the Camehorne Silver Award during the 2009 Independence Celebrations as the writer of the National Anthem of Grenada. 

The Foundation expresses condolences to her family and loved ones. 

May she Rest in Peace.