Grenada Confirms Its 28th Case Of Covid-19

The Ministry of Health confirms that an individual who arrived in Grenada via a private carrier from France on October 16 has since tested positive for COVID-19.

The 32 year old male is Grenada’s 28th laboratory diagnosed case. He has been quarantined since arrival, as per the entry protocols of the State, and is so far asymptomatic.

The other individuals aboard that flight all tested negative, and are also in quarantine and under observation.

Meanwhile, the three previously announced positive cases (Cases 25, 26 and 27) are still quarantined, and not yet medically cleared. The known contacts of Case 25 who were also in quarantine have completed their incubation period, and were retested. All returned negative results, and have been cleared by health officials.

The Ministry reminds the public to remain cautious in daily activities, and to adhere to all health and safety guidelines for maximum protection of the Tri-Island State.

While our defense systems are proving to be effective in catching and isolating the disease at our borders and on our shores, we can never be too confident. As we have seen, one misstep can have catastrophically rippling effects throughout our small population. We must work together, if we are to ultimately win the battle against this deadly disease.

As we continue to welcome our returning residents and visitors, we urge everyone to comply with the mandates of the State regarding testing and quarantining. Your personal responsibility ensures Grenada’s immunity. Practice good hygiene, maintain physical distancing of at last six feet, and wear your mask or face-covering when out in public.

If you believe that you have been exposed to the virus, or you are displaying symptoms similar to those of the Coronavirus, give us a call at 473 538 478 or visit our Facebook page at Facebook/ HealthGrenada.

For all information regarding entry protocols and for the latest updates on COVID-19 in Grenada, visit our website at