Grenada Bureau of Standards Responds To Recent News Reports

The Management of the Grenada Bureau of Standards (GDBS) through good professional practice is committed to ensuring that the organization consistently provides quality testing services that meet regulatory requirements and where possible exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

We wish to clarify claims made in a report broadcasted by a local news station on January 4, 2019. The Bureau of Standards, as a statutory body, offers testing services to the public at a cost. Once a sample is submitted to the Bureau for testing, the person/organization submitting the sample is informed that there is a cost attached before the sample is tested. After the test(s) are completed, the person/organization will be contacted to collect their results and to remit the payment. If there are queries about the charges, the person/organization can direct their queries through the official channels for resolution. We apologize if this was not clearly communicated to the affected party.

It is the policy of the GDBS under its quality management system that all client information, inclusive of test results, are kept confidential and GDBS cannot communicate this information to any third party.

The Grenada Bureau of Standards remains committed to providing quality testing for our clients.