Final Warning: ‘Touch Without Permission, Make A Jail’

TRINIDAD – Express

Carnival celebrants are getting a final warning – the physical touching of any person without their consent, is tantamount to assault.

The reminder came from Gold Commander for the TTPS’s Carnival initiatives, Deputy Commissioner of Police Deodat Dulalchan, during the weekly press briefing at the police administration building in Port of Spain on Wednesday.

“The physical touching of anyone without their consent is tantamount to an assault. Now if a complaint is made we do have areas in each respective Carnival villages to confine persons. However, one would appreciate that there are different levels of offences. Some are strict liability offences and other offences are one where the police would depend on persons who are being offended to lodge a report and defend that allegation,” Dulalchan noted.

This warning is in line with an earlier one made last month by ASP Michael Jackman who told the media in light of the Carnival season that wining on someone without their permission can count as unwanted touching, which is unlawful and can be deemed as an assault.

The Deputy Commissioner called on the public to be mindful of one another during this Carnival season, and to show a sense of responsibility and love for their fellow man.