Eight Young Women At PAM Hailed For Successes In CSEC Examinations

PR – Minister Of Social Services Delma Thomas has hailed the successes of the young women at the Program for Adolescent Mothers, who have achieved one of the best results in the external CSEC examinations.

The eight young ladies, who sat the examinations, were successful in every subject – a continuation of the impressive performance of the program in recent years.

“This amazing result – this 100 percent pass rate – fills all of us with joy,” Social Services Minister Delma Thomas said late Wednesday after learning of the results which were released on Tuesday.

Six of the eight young ladies did five subjects – including one who got four distinctions.

“A lot of people have worked hard to ensure that the young ladies remained on track and continued their studies – people from our department and  especially the teachers and mentors  at the institution who interfaced directly with the young women,” Minister Thomas noted.

“The results indicate a renewal of hope and a confirmation of belief that our young people have the resolve to overcome difficulties and to stay on course to achieve their dreams,” she said.

The Program for Adolescent Mothers facilitates the continuation of education for school-aged girls who became mothers.

“PAM speaks to the greater virtue of our wider community to not to leave anyone behind,” Minister Thomas said.

“These latest batch of young mothers now have a platform on which they can build and go on to empowerment themselves further,” she said.