Dialogue Between Ministry Of Infrastructure Development And NAWASA On Project Implementation Arrangements

PR – The Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport and Implementation is pleased to announce that protocols have been established with the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), on the implementation of roads projects.

A meeting was held with the management of NAWASA on Friday 21st August, 2020 to discuss the implementation arrangement of the Grenada Agriculture Feeder Roads Project and other strategic projects. The value of the Feeder Roads project is EC$46.8M, and 11 roads will be reconstructed on mainland Grenada. The contract was awarded on August 5th, 2020. It is expected that 250 jobs will be created. The road to be constructed on Carriacou was identified and the contract will be awarded in a separate project allotment.

The meeting with NAWASA was necessary to ensure synergy between the implementation schedule of the Ministry and NAWASA. This will minimize complaints of users of the roads who are concerned that in some instances, when the Ministry completes a section of a road, NAWASA will commence utility work or vice versa.

The General Manager of NAWASA, Mr. Christopher Husbands expressed full support to the implementation schedule. The Ministry, through the office of the Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Merina Jessamy, will arrange for the signing of MOUs to facilitate smooth implementation of the various projects. The MOUs will explain the specific roles of NAWASA and the Ministry with respect to utility requirements and timelines, as well as the technical officers who will be supporting mobilization.

The Ministry commits to providing regular updates on the implementation.

The support and cooperation of the general public is anticipated.

For further information, please contact:

  • Merina Jessamy, Permanent Secretary for Infrastructure Development and

Implementation at 440-2271 or via email at ps@moiid.gov.gd;

  • Najar Andall, Chief Technical Officer at 440-2271 or via email at cto@moiid.gov.gd.

Annex 1: Roads to be re-constructed – Grenada Agriculture Feeder Roads Project.

  • Bailles Bacolet to La Pastora Road, St. David’s
  • Claboney Road, St, Andrew’s
  • Munich to Bacolet Bridge, St. Andrew’s
  • Morne Delice to Old Westerhall Road, St. David’s
  • La Borie Road, St. George
  • Willis to Constantine including 2 bridges, St. George
  • George’s Estate Road, St. George
  • Concord Road, John
  • Brothers to Mt. Cenis Road, St. John
  • Red Mud Road, St, Mark/St. Patrick
  • Bel Air Road, St. Mark