CPEA Transfer Request Form Now Online

PR – Parents of Grade 6 students who need to request a transfer for their children from one secondary school to another, can now access the CPEA Transfer Request Form online, instead of using the paper form, which was previously used.

In a press briefing on Tuesday July 7, 2020, Kevin Andall, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information, said, “They [parents/guardians] have been accessing online, a PDF document for transfer. We have recognized that this format is inadequate and just as how we responded to everything, we have responded quickly to provide an online form that is editable. Once you enter your information in that form, it goes directly to the exam unit and they will have your data.” 

This online form can be accessed by logging on to weboffice.gd. Once there, one must select the tab/button at the top of the web page, which says ‘Forms’, then select ‘Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information’, from the drop-down list. Once this is done, a new page will provide a link to the transfer form. By clicking that link, the transfer form will then load. 

The form can now be carefully filled out by typing in responses and using drop down boxes to select items such as the names of schools and dates of birth. Individuals filling out the online form must possess a valid 

Grenada ID, such as a voter’s ID, NIS card, or Grenada passport, to submit information in the ID section. 

Once the form is completed, one simply needs to click the submit button at the end and await confirmation that the submission was successful. Once successful, the form will be sent directly to the Ministry of Education, for processing. 

Andall said individuals who previously submitted paper forms do not have to resubmit, as this new form is for those who have not yet made a request. He also noted that the deadline for submission of the CPEA Transfer Request Form has been extended to July 17, 2020, in order to accommodate as many parents as possible.