Covid-19 Test Results Are Negative

The Ministry of Health, Grenada has been informed by its Trinidadian counterpart that the three Trinidad nationals repatriated from Grenada last week, who initially tested positive for COVID-19, have now tested negative.

The Trinidadian authorities confirmed that the three individuals have been tested twice since the
first test was conducted on Friday July 17th, and both tests returned negative results. The
individuals are no longer being held in quarantine in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Ministry of Health Grenada welcomes this development and confirms that its contact tracing
efforts since the initial announcement by Trinidad and Tobago, have returned only negative test

In the last few days, the Contact Tracing Team has tested 154 persons in Grenada, who were in
direct or indirect contact with the three repatriated Trinidadians, and all have since tested
negative on both PCR and IGG/IGM.

The Ministry takes this opportunity to congratulate the Contact Tracing Team on its exemplary
work to date, and in particular, over the last few days as members moved aggressively to deal
with the situation.

The Ministry of Health continues to emphasize the importance of observing the safety protocols,
such as wearing masks, practicing physical distancing and good hygiene.

The Ministry of Health will continue to spearhead the fight against COVID-19, and we plead with
all citizens to remain highly vigilant, as we are still in the midst of the global COVID-19