Covid-19 Control Bill 2020 Will Not Be Tabled In Parliament On Wednesday

PR – The Government of Grenada wishes to inform its stakeholders and the general public that the Bill entitled THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID19) CONTROL BILL 2020 will not be tabled in Parliament on Wednesday July 29, 2020 as previously announced.

This Bill was drafted after nearly four months of managing the SARS-CoV-2 National crisis, and the continuous examination of the medical and scientific information, as well as the experience of the management of the emergency on the ground. These matters informed the Bill as the Government was paying keen attention to the continuous feedback which was being provided by the public and its stakeholders.

The sole intention of the Bill is to protect our people, especially now that we have taken the decision to reopen our borders. It must be noted that while the Bill does not significantly change the existing legislation and does not contravene our Constitution, we have listened to the concerns raised and will delay the process to give an opportunity to address these concerns, keeping in mind that the health and safety of our people must not be compromised.

Government accepts responsibility for not ensuring that the public had a full explanation of the Bill, before attempting to take it to Parliament, and therefore commits to improving the process.

Meanwhile, the Government reiterates the importance of putting systems and structures in place to ensure that there is no outbreak of COVID-19 in Grenada and that the life of every citizen is protected, using all possible means. So far, collectively, we have been able to control and manage the spread of this virus, and this remains our priority.

We therefore appeal to all Grenadians not to become complacent, but to follow all the protocols and regulations that are in place.

Let us continue fighting together to keep Grenada COVID-19 FREE.