Champion Of Champion Bears Fruits

PR – An exciting and competitive round of debate was held on Tuesday as the curtains came down on the 2020 National Youth debate, with the staging of the Champion of Champions edition, bringing together the top debaters on island, including Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

“Be it resolved that large Gatherings, including Carnival activities should be banned for the next two years in the first instance” was the theme chosen for the final leg of the debate.

The arguments put forward by both proposition and Opposition teams were well researched and effectively delivered.

Minister with responsibility for Youth Development, Hon Kate Lewis, implored on the participants to serve as advocates and agents of change.

“You were given the opportunity and you have done a wonderful job, as I have said before don’t let it remain in this room, you have learnt, go out and help, go out and teach, go out and impact lives in your community”.

Proposition leader, Javon Bartholomew was named top debater, amassing a total of 360 points.

An emotional Javon says the experience was new and rewarding.

“In the past I would have been asked to do events like this and I said no because I thought I was too busy and Covid -19 really did a lot of good for us, it is because of Covid-19 not having so much to do I decided I’ll take a chance and this is where the chance taken would have brought me.”

Members of the Proposition team emerged winners scoring a total of one thousand six hundred and sixty -five points (1665). Meanwhile, their opponents settled for second place amassing a total of one thousand five hundred and eighty-eight points. 

The Ministry of Youth Development, Sports, Culture & the Arts extends congratulations to all who have contributed towards the success of the program.