AGRICOM To Commence Project Support To Beneficiaries

PR – Grenada OECS Regional Agriculture Competitiveness Project (AGRICOM) anticipates project support to beneficiaries commencing October 2020

AGRICOM will roll-out project support to the first batch of Aggregators/Agro-processors (AAs) in collaboration with their associated Farmers/Fishers (FFs) – together called Productive Alliance

The Productive Alliance’s business Idea proposals (categorised as Agro-products, Apiculture & Honey, Cocoa Products, Fish, Nutmeg products, Ornamental Plants/Cut flowers, Poultry, Ruminant-Goat and Vegetables) were approved and moved to the business plan phase currently assessed by external evaluators in the industry. 

Upon finalisation of the business plan evaluation process, all successful Productive Alliances will be required to submit all necessary supporting documents to facilitate smooth implementation of a matching grant and voucher program. 

AGRICOM is therefore proud to reaffirm its commitment to deliver increased productivity and sales, market access, consistent and timely supply and income generation to men and women throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique in the Agricultural sector. This, in turn, will translate to competitiveness, employment and sustainable livelihoods. 


Grenada OECS Regional Agricultural Competitiveness Project (AGRICOM), is a six-year project (2017-2023), through a financing agreement by the Government of Grenada and the World Bank, International Development Association (IDA) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)), in the amount of U.S. $4 million. 

AGRICOM’s Project is to enhance access to markets and sales for competitively selected farmers and fishers, as well as their allied aggregators and agro-processors, in Grenada. 

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