Adjustments To Guidelines For The Functioning Of Schools

PR – On the advice of the Ministry of Health, Cabinet has  granted approval to the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious  Affairs and Information to remove the physical distancing arrangements in classrooms. 

However, all other existing protocols must be observed. 

Over the past month the Ministry implemented a phased approach to the reopening of  schools and has met expected objectives.  

During this period, some schools were able to accommodate all students everyday while  others, based on their school-specific plan and size of classrooms, were unable to do so. 

Revision of the protocol now affords schools the opportunity to return to regular seating  arrangements.  

Based on their unique circumstances, schools are advised to work towards a return to  normal scheduling of classes. A phased approach is recommended. Schools are expected to engage parents to provide information about changes to their schedules,  since they will have the flexibility to phase in the return to full capacity during the course  of this month. 

All decisions are subject to change based on developments related to the COVID 19  pandemic.  

The Ministry of Education is urging parents to await details from their respective principals  regarding the necessary changes.