4th Annual Grenada Invitational Postponed Due To COVID-19

PR- As the world continues its attempt to bring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) under control and as the general population is encouraged to take all necessary measures aimed at preventing an outbreak and spread of the virus, among our citizens, it has become necessary for the organisers of the 4th annual Grenada Invitational (GI) to take a very difficult yet logical decision. 

After extensive deliberations with local public health officials, our broadcast partners, sponsors and athletes representatives, it was the determined that the paramount importance of the health of our citizens and the expected influx of travellers (athletes, etc) warranted us to err on the side of caution. 

As such, in light of the fluidity and uncertainty related to (COVID-19) it has become necessary to postpone the 4th annual Grenada Invitational that was scheduled for April 4th, 2020. 

As previously mentioned the improbability and flexibility of the situation changes from day to day and these uncertainties are sure to hinder in the delivery of a World Class event. 

Grenada Invitational will, as the rest of the sporting world, monitor the global conditions and along with track and field’s governing body, World Athletics and our broadcast partner, a new date for the meet will be announced once the (COVID-19) is no longer a threat and normalcy in travel and other routine activities is returned.