Workers Continue To Protest Against Unsafe Conditions At The Government Printery

PR – The Grenada Public WorkersUnion is disappointed with the lack of continuance and urgency by the authorities in addressing the many Occupational Safety and Health issues present at the Government Printery.

On Monday December 20, 2021, the workers at the Government Printery protested conditions that included but were not limited to a leaky roof, molds on walls, overwhelming chemical smell in the work area, dysfunctional air conditioning, damaged drop ceiling tiles and much more. The authorities responded with remedial work on the roof in the early part of January 2022 and completedat the end of January. This work was done with the expressed and comprehensive understanding of all stakeholders involved, that the inner part of the infrastructure would be addressed purposefully as the air quality at the building is seriously compromised

To date, as we enter the month of March, the poor and dangerous conditions in the inner part of the Printery remain unaddressed. All attempts to coordinate with authorities have been met with cosmetic protocols, small talk and bureaucracy with no action.

In this vein, the workers at the Government Printery in the absence of immediate action by the authorities, will utilize their legal rights as stated in the Employment Act section 74 (2) (e) to protect their health. This will take the form in the first instance of leaving at 3:00pm to protect their respiratory system and overall health. The industrial action will escalate as long as the authorities delay their response to the imminent danger to the short and long term health of our workers.

The Grenada Public WorkersUnion maintains its commitment to collaboration with all stakeholders including Government for the health and safety of our members.