Woman Who Allegedly Used Her 5-Year-Old to Wax Nude Clients Charged After Viral Video Sparked Outrage

(COMPLEX) – A woman in Memphis has been arrested and charged after she was accused of using her five-year-old child to wax nude women on social media.

According to the Memphis Police Department, various complaints were filed on Feb. 15 about posts on social media from a woman named Jasmine Moss that showed a young girl at a salon waxing a nude woman with a caption that claimed she helped “wax 24 clients” over an eight-hour time span and made $744 that’s going towards “whatever her future dreams and aspirations are.”

There were three images posted by Moss showing her child applying hot wax to nude adults. It didn’t take long before people on social media saw the post and criticized Moss and her clients for allowing the child to perform the job.

“This whole story about Jasmine Moss, a.k.a. Jazzy Body, allowing her small child to wax her clients is WIIIIILD,” one person tweeted. “How did those clients allow that?! This poor child needs to be protected and her mother is giving her trauma that will take years to heal from. Everyone on the registry!!”

Another person tweeted, “Her name is Jasmine Moss. She tried to hide the business address but I got it. You can file a complaint with – TN Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners: (615) 741-2241 Ask.TDCI@TN.Gov OR – TN Dept of Children’s Services: (615) 741-9701 Commissioner.Margie.Quin@tn.gov.”

Memphis Police reached out to the Tennessee Department of Children Services following the complaints, and an investigation was launched into Moss’ business. The mother of three used the images to promote her hair removal business, which police claim she operated out of her own home. According to WREG Memphis, she is charged with child neglect and child abuse and is expected in court on Feb. 21.