Woman Appointed Bermuda’s New Deputy Police Chief

(CMC) – Governor Rena Lalgie has confirmed the appointment of Na’imah Astwood as Bermuda’s new Deputy Police Commissioner.

Astwood, the first female deputy police chief since Roseanda Young, who held the post from 2005 to 2007, will take over her new role from May 1.

The Governor said: “There is no doubt that Mrs Astwood is the best candidate to serve as the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

“She has the experience and leadership qualities to address the challenges ahead.”

Astwood, who will be second to fellow Bermudian Darrin Simons, the Police Commissioner, said that her aim was to make the island safer.

“I am grateful for having been appointed to the role of Deputy Commissioner of the Bermuda Police Service (BPS),” she said.

“Having begun my career with the BPS as a police cadet at the age of 17, I am excited and look forward to leading the men and women of our organisation as we continue to serve our community, making Bermuda safer.”

Astwood has been Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police since October 2021, after joining the 400-strong service in 1994 and being made a superintendent in 2018.

She has served in a number of roles within the BPS, including community policing, criminal investigation, serious crime and strategic change management.

Government House said the position was advertised both locally and internationally and the appointment was made “following an open recruitment process in line with best practice”.

The appointment of Deputy Commissioner of Police is made by the Governor under Section 87 of the Bermuda constitution.